kid playing guitar

The Best Kids Acoustic & Electric Guitars

Parents can find the task of getting a guitar for kids quite challenging. Two major concerns are about finding the right guitar for kids that meets their playing needs and finding an affordable kid’s guitar that will not break after one play.

acoustic electric guitars

The Best Electric-Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic guitars are great for playing without an amp but sometimes we just need to crank up the volume. Maybe you want to perform on stage or record a session in the studio but don’t want to fuss around with a microphone. An acoustic electric guitar is your perfect solution.

Beginner Electric Guitar

Best Beginner Electric Guitars

You’ve decided to learn how to play a guitar and want to buy your first guitar but don’t know which instrument to buy? Our reviews help you find the best beginner electric guitar for your needs. Our 2020 chart includes the latest instruments and covers buyers of all budget sizes.

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The 10 Best Cheap Electric Guitars

There are many reasons why you’ll want a cheap electric guitar. For most of us, there’s only one real reason, which is budget constraints. For others, it may be because you want a backup guitar, to add an instrument to your collection, or you are a beginner who doesn’t want to invest big until you improve your skills.

best travel acoustic guitars

Best Travel Guitars – The Top 10 Acoustics For The Road

A guitar nerd always carries their instrument with them whatever part of the world they find themselves. Whether you’re a backpacker making your way through New Zealand’s beautiful outdoors or an archaeologist working in the ancient dirt of Egypt, the best travel guitar will keep your tingly fingers happy.

Best Bass Guitar – What Are the Top-Rated Basses?

Whatever your needs for a bass guitar are, we have an instrument for you in our comprehensive list of the best bass guitars for all types of players. Buying a bass guitar can be a daunting task when faced with the massive number of good and affordable instruments on the market today.

cheap acoustic guitars under 200

Best Affordable Acoustic Guitars For Under $200

We would love to own and play a high-end acoustic guitar but the reality is far from our fantasies for most of us. However, you should not be limited to rubbish instruments just because you’re on the hunt for a budget guitar. We have put together a list of 10 of the best cheap acoustic guitars that won’t leave your broke.

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Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners

The excitement and anticipation of buying your first guitar is undeniable, and a memory we hold forever. This excitement will last even more when you purchase the right acoustic for you. This is where our review of the best acoustic guitars for beginners come in clutch and help you choose a suitable strummer for you.

6 Best Guitars For Small Hands

6 Best Guitars For Small Hands A large group of people has small hands, and this should not hinder their ability to play the guitar. Guitarists come in different sizes and shapes, just like the general population – and this can have an ...

The Best Acoustic Guitars

Best Acoustic Guitar

Just as we have different levels of players, we also have different price points for guitars. You can buy a cheap one for less than $100, and you can buy ones that cost upwards of $10,000. We’ve got you covered in this extensive ...