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acoustic guitar amps

Acoustic guitars have a built-in soundbox so they can be played without an amp, but you’ll need something louder than just the instrument’s soundbox to perform on stage or to a room full of people. This is what the acoustic guitar amp was made for.

Amps come in different sizes, quality, and price range, so a small amp may be good for your practicing at home but may not be the right fit for a stage performance. We have an amplifier on our list for every need.

Our top 8 list of acoustic guitar amps highlights some of the very best acoustic guitar amps you can buy today. The list includes an amplifier for every budget from cheap amps under $100 to premium options costing $500+.

The 8 Best Acoustic Amps

Product PhotoGuitar and RatingDescriptionCheck Price & Read User Reviews
+ Fishman Loudbox Artist PRO 120W

Overall Score: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

A pro-grade, stage-ready combo with a sound that will blow your mind at an affordable price

+ Fender Acoustic SFX 2-Channel 160W

Overall Score: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

A powerful amp with a performance that far exceeds its price tag

+ Yamaha THR10X Mini

Overall Score: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

A desktop amp with a serious attitude. Great for practice and studio recording sessions.

+ AER Tommy Emmanuel Signature Compact 60/3 60W

Overall Score: 4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)

A premium amp with an output to match your premium acoustic guitars. Well worth every penny!

+ Fender Champion 50XL FSR

Overall Score: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

The latest installation of a classic. One of the best selling acoustic amps with excellent power and all the features you need.

+ BOSS Acoustic Singer Pro 120

Overall Score: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

A powerful combo amp that will have you performing live on stage with ease. Ideal for the solo musician

+ Yamaha THR5 Mini Acoustic Guitar Amp

Overall Score: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

An older version of the THR10 with a high-quality sound output. Great for practice and studio recording sessions.

Fishman Loudbox Artist PRO 120W

Fishman Loudbox Artist PRO 120W

Fishman is a brand associated with preamps for acoustic guitars, so they are best placed to make the best amps for such instruments. Their acoustic guitar amps are rated highly by top professionals and hobby players alike.

And that understanding of guitar electronics has transferred into the Loudbox Artist PRO-LBX-600 acoustic amplifier. The Loudbox artist is a 120-Watts midsize two-channel amplifier with a sound that will blow you away.

It offers a warm sound without overwhelming the sound of the guitar. You get an amplifier that projects the true sound of the guitar so much that you’ll think you’re playing the instrument without an amp, only louder. The sound is full and loud for am amp of this size, enough to even handle bass guitars comfortably.

The Artist PRO-LBX-600 has everything you’ll want in an amp. It has easy to use controls that even a newbie amp user can quickly get up to speed with. It is not too heavy or bulky, making it easy to transport for gigs. And you can plug in your phone or mp3 player into the auxiliary input if you want to play along to a song.

This little powerhouse from Fishman also comes with many effects and extras that you’ll find useful. This is the first amp you should consider whether you have a budget or a high-end acoustic guitar. You’ll truly be blown away by the fantastic sound quality. There’s also a Bluetooth enabled version {inset aff link} for those interested.

Fender Acoustic SFX 2-Channel 160W

Fender Acoustic SFX 2-Channel 160WWe loved the Fishman above, but the Fender SFX 160W takes acoustic guitar amps to another level. Its full, room-filling sound delivers a sound that is the true natural tone of the guitar. It has an excellent sound projection that gives the player a sense of playing in a grand concert hall.
This acoustic amp projects excellent sound clarity across all frequency ranges. It is not only good at amplifying guitar sounds but also produces high-quality vocals. You get a true, uncolored version of vocals and guitar sound with the Fender SFX.
The amp features two channels, aux in, phone in jack, stereo FX and volume controls, and a slew of effects.
You should consider getting this amplifier if you’re looking for a high-quality amp at a reasonable price. The Fender SFX certainly punches well above its price tag.

Yamaha THR10X Mini

Yamaha THR10X Mini

Want a small acoustic guitar amp with a sound quality that will leave you in awe? Then today is your lucky day with this stunning and compact amplifier from Yamaha. The volume isn’t very high, which is ideal for practicing in a home you share with others. However, you still get outstanding sound clarity and projection. This amplifier can reproduce your guitars natural tone perfectly with no coloring.

You can plug in your phone or mp3 player and play along to your favorite songs. The THR10X produces deep and full tones at low volume with great cleans.

This amp is easy-to-use with some great effects to play with. It comes with software that allows you to tweak various things if you want to. This is not an ideal amplifier for playing gigs, but as it is one of the best acoustic amps for practicing at home.

AER Tommy Emmanuel Signature Compact 60/3 60W

AER Tommy Emmanuel Signature Compact

AER and their compact amps have been at the forefront of acoustic guitar amplifiers for years. The Tommy Emmanuel Signature version is one of the best amps on the market, but it is pricy, putting it out of reach for most people.

Besides, most of us don’t want to buy a $1,000+ amp for our $200 acoustic guitar. However, this is a high-quality premium-sound amp if you can afford it. It looks stunning and well-built, matching the amazing sound that comes out of this 60-watt baby.

This amp has great transparency that allows the natural sound of the guitar to come through with excellent clarity and power.

You get two channels – each with its own stack of controls – giving you the option to use the amp for both vocals and your guitar.

The amp is light, small, and sounds terrific. It is the best acoustic guitar amplifier for your high-end guitars and worth every dollar you pay for it.

Fender Champion 50XL FSR

Fender Champion 50XL FSRThe Champion 50 is a popular budget-friendly option for people looking for a good quality acoustic amplifier. It is a compact and user-friendly amp that anyone can operate.

This simple 50-watt amp has good clean sounds with a selection of effects to experiment with. The sound is full and warm, replicating the natural sound of your guitar flawlessly. The Champion 50XL is a plug-and-play amp without fancy computer connections. It does come with an aux jack so you can connect your phone or mp3 play and play along to your favorite tunes.

It has two channels and a headphone jack that allows you to play in silent mode. We love that it is a 3.5mm jack so you can use your regular headphone without the need for an adapter.  This amp is ideal for home or studio use but its loud enough for playing small gigs.

BOSS Acoustic Singer Pro 120

BOSS Acoustic Singer Pro 120w

BOSS has always been an icon in the premium speakers’ market, and their expertise in sound extends to this 120-watt acoustic guitar amp. The Acoustic Singer Pro has everything a solo performer needs to play a gig to a small audience – eliminating the need to haul heavy gear around.

The dual channels allow you to plug in your guitar and mic at the same time for a complete performance. Each channel has its own set of controls and effects, which makes it easy for you to mix the sounds.

Don’t let the small size of the Singer Pro fool you. This little 12-watt packs a lot of punch, enough to play a gig to a decent size room. It has great sound clarity with excellent vocal quality. The amp produces a true acoustic sound the mimics the natural tone of your guitar. It’s like playing your guitar without an amp but just louder.

Yamaha THR5 Mini Acoustic Guitar Amp

Yamaha THR5 Mini Acoustic Guitar AmpThe THR series of amps from Yamaha is a solid-state amplifier that mimics the acoustic sound perfectly. The THR5 adds extra tones for acoustic guitarists everywhere.

This highly portable little amplifier has built-in speakers and provides you with a good range of vocals. The THR5 is more suitable for playing at home or recording in a studio. This digital amp uses the VCM technology for a full and natural amplification that sounds just like your guitar.

The on-board effects and included production software give you the chance to be creative and have loads of fun when you play.

Other Top Acoustic Guitars to Consider

The list above is not a comprehensive one, and there are hundreds of other excellent amps out there for acoustic-electric guitars. We list some of our favorites in the table below.

Acoustic Guitar Amp Buying Guide – What to Look Out For

Most people just want an amp that sounds good, so they can turn things up and enjoy a jamming session at home. But a few others need amplifiers for specific reasons, such as for busking, gigging, and recording music in the studio.

Whatever your needs are, you’re going to need to choose the right one, and the guide below will help you in the decision-making process by highlighting the things you should look out for when buying an acoustic amp.

Tube or Solid-State?

The decision to get either will vastly depend on your money. Tube amplifiers tend to be more expensive because they amplify sound using vacuum tubes, which is a costly technology. They are also costly to use because you’ll have to replace the tubes occasionally. Tube amps typically produce warmer and more musical sound than their solid-state counterparts.

Solid-state amplifiers use transistors, diodes, and other solid-state electronics to amplify the sound from the guitar. They tend to produce a better replication of the guitar’s natural tones.

Power of the Amp

The power of a speaker – including amplifiers – is measured in watts. The subject of watts is interesting depending on what format of amp you buy.

For tube amps, bigger is not always better. Your amp produces the best tube sounds when the tubes are fully saturated or almost fully saturated. This happens when you crank up the volume, and when you do this with say a 60-watt amp, your audience’s ears may be bleeding. It will be better to get a 20-watt amp so you can cramp to volume all the way amp to saturate the tubes fully without giving your audience a headache. This is a popular approach with many professionals and those in a studio setting.

You don’t get this effect with solid-state or modeling amps, so the power of what you end up buying depends mainly on personal choice. However, you don’t need a 100-watt amplifier to practice on at home. A 10 to 20-watt amp will do just fine.

50 watts have plenty of punch for playing in small venues to a small or moderate-size audience. Those playing at large locations and to bigger audiences should get 100 watts and above. Large concerts allow you to tap into the PA system using a close-mic to capture sound from the amp.

How Many Channels?

The number of channels is an important consideration. A single channel is sufficient for solo practice at home, but you’ll need an amp with multiple channels if you want to practice with a partner or if you need to add vocals to your practice. Some will come with separate effects, volume, and tone controllers for each channel, which is useful for fine-tuning each instrument to your liking.

You should also consider getting an amp that has an auxiliary input jack so you can plug in your phone or mp3 player to play along to your favorite songs.


Effects are more common on electric guitar and bass amplifiers, but most acoustic amps also have on-board effects these days. Delay and reverb are the most popular, but most acoustic amps also feature flange and chorus effects. You’ll also find an FX loop effect on some amps, which lets you use a wide variety of effects pedals.

Our Final Thoughts

You shouldn’t stress too much about which amplifier to buy. All you need is one that works well and sounds good, and our list of the best acoustic guitar amplifiers contains amps that will meet the needs of almost every player.

If you’re a serious player with a high-end acoustic guitar and looking for a high-end amp to pair with, then you should check out our list of the best high-end acoustic amplifiers. Whatever you end up buying, we wish you many years of fun.

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